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Apr/May 2018 | Issue 131

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The Art & Design Issue is one of our favorite issues to put together here at Make-Up Artist magazine. It’s about innovation, imagination and inspiration. Inside you’ll find a study of Stephanie Pehar and Ashley Vieira’s collaboration and creative breakthrough; a probing into 3-D printing and how it can be used to catapult your creations; and a step-by-step on how to easily turn icing into a snow effect.  Also, did you miss IMATS Los Angeles? That’s OK, we got you! We reminisce with all the highlights and extraordinary make-ups.

ALSO: Roque Cozette’s regal looks, Dick Page’s intriguing journey as a make-up artist; and all the wonderful make-ups in Black Panther, The Monkey King 3, Chappaquiddick, A Wrinkle in Time and Star Trek: Discovery.