Does Your Lipstick Fade?  The Make Up First® Pro Shop Is Here For You!

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Does Your Lipstick Fade? The Make Up First® Pro Shop Is Here For You!

Losing Your Lips!  Don’t Panic!  As Always… The Make Up First® Pro Shop Will Show You How To Find Them!


Lip Pencils

Pencils are your new best friend. Tip: Line and fill in your lip with lip pencil (the color of your lipstick or a neutral flesh color will do). This will create an additional layer for an all day wear; while keeping your lipstick from going stray.

Pro Tip: For reshaping your lips, we recommend adding a light layer of foundation or concealer to create a clean canvas. Before you add your lipstick, you can draw your desired lip shape or hide imperfections with your lip pencil! 

Setting your lipstick. To make lipstick last, setting lipstick is a non-negotiable. Especially for weddings, events, and photoshoots! 

Pro Tip: Did you know you can powder your lips?  Take a piece of tissue paper and separate the 2-ply so you have a single ply piece. Place it over your lips and with a powder brush, softly dust your translucent setting powder on top. This will remove the oils in the lipstick creating a longer, less smudge-able finish. For extra longevity, try this step twice.  (first hd powder)

Our Fall Fav’s from (Listed Clockwise): OCC Lip Tar RTW, OCC Lip Pencils, AJ Crimson (THESE COLORS ARE OUT OF STOCK– WE HAVE THE LAST!), KEVYN AUCOIN, FIRST by Make Up First® Lip + Cheek Palettes

Lip Products at Make Up First

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