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The makeup styles on the Fall/Winter runways ranged from 90’s grunge to the appearance of naked but contoured faces.  While there is still a heavy 60’s influence, the makeup selected was applied in a futuristic way.  The fall/winter 2013-14 also reflected a shift in lip color and texture; the current lip is still

dramatic, but the lips are now more matte in texture, and wine/burgundy in color.


Some of the fall/winter makeup trends for 2013-14 include:


1.  Statement Lip

-Stained, not painted lips

-Rich wine colors


2.  Nude Face

            Heavily contoured, using cool tones

            -Very little or no blush

            – Matte-satin complexion


3.  Updated 1960’s

            -Silver used in crease line instead of black


4.  Graphic Black Eye Liner

            Strong, graphic liquid/gel graphic liner

            -Bold cat-eyes


5.  Smokey eye

            -Copper and reds

            -Anything metallic

            -90’s grunge influence (intentionally “messy”)


6.  Focus on Heavy Brows

            -While some brows were deconstructed and filled in, others were groomed,  but were thicker and bolder.


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