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HALLOWEEN – Missing Something? Make Up First ® Pro Shop

Don’t worry, don’t fret about finding what you need!  One-Stop Shop…with the Pros!!   At Make Up ® Pro Shop’s website, you’re one finger-click-away! (Free Shipping!)  Or….find your “goodies” in store.

Products Listed Clockwise from the top:

“First” by Make Up First ® Fantasy Palette – Our Fantasy Palette is perfect for creating characters this upcoming Halloween season! This product is wax-based and works well with “First” by Make Up First® Loose Powder. Can also be used to create bruises, witches, zombies, etc! 

Mehron Spirit Gum – An amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive solution for adhering Crepe Hair, wigs, prosthetic noses, bald caps, etc.

Mehron Spirit Gum Remover – A specially developed solvent to remove Spirit Gum. Gentler to the skin than most other removers.

Mehron Stipple Sponge – The Stipple Sponge is an open weave, rough textured sponge that is used to create various stubble effects for theatrical makeup. The Stipple Sponge can also be used by special effects makeup artists to create the look of broken blood vessels and texture on aliens or other creatures.

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel – Thickened syrup based blood for blood clots and scabbing effects. Available in Original and Dark.

Mehron Blood Splatter – Thinner-consistency blood developed especially for splatter effects. Available in a convenient, easy to use 1 fl oz spray bottle

Mehron Stage Blood – Syrup based blood for fresh blood effects. Available in Dark Venous. Also comes with 6 Blood Capsules for blood effects from your mouth!

Mehron Pro Bruise Ring –  Create realistic looking bruises with the professional special effects makeup of the ProColorRing Bruise Makeup Palette. The Pro Color Ring Bruise Makeup contains the colors needed to create bruises from the initial red of a fresh bruise to the yellowish-blue-green of a healing bruise.

Mehron Colorset Powder – Setting Powder is used to absorb the oils from cream based makeup so that it “sets” and will not rub off. This Colorset Setting Powder developed by Mehron is a natural translucent formula that will not discolor the cream makeup if applied properly. PRO TIP: The proper way to apply Setting Powder is to use a Powder Puff and press the powder into the Cream Makeup; it should be pressed in, not rubbed. When using Colorset Setting Powder over a multi color application of Cream Makeup it is advised to work on one color at a time so that colors do not transfer onto each other. 

Mehron Creamblend Stick –  The smooth supple texture and complete coverage will amaze you with the speed at which you can apply a durable application of face makeup for performances. Manufactured with a unique combination of quality ingredients and packaged it in quick application swivel case this product will be your new go to.

Mehron Liquid Latex -Liquid Latex is used to create unusual skin textures or to apply Crepe Hair and prosthetics.

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Make Up First ® Pro Shop is located 100 N. LaSalle Suite 1010 Chicago IL 60602 | P. 312.621.0801 |E. info@makeupfirst.com


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