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Lip Lip Hooray, Make Up First ® Celebrates National Lipstick Day!

“Red is the color of life, of blood. I love red.” -Coco Chanel 

In honor of National Lipstick Day, not just 10 but…11 FUN FACTS!

Did you know….

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1. Both men and women wore lipstick in ancient Egypt. Colors worn; blue, black, red, and orange.  In Egypt, lip stains were made from reflective Beatles and fish scales; mixed with pigments, and plants. (2000 – 800 B.C.)


2. During the Middle Ages, in Europe, it was believed that use of red lip color was Satanic, and even banned! (800 – 1200 B.C.) After hundreds of years of bare lips (late 1500’s) Queen of England Elizabeth I  made red lipstick increasingly popular with her use of crimson lips and white face.

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also wore the crimson lips and rouge on their cheeks. Queen Victoria banned lipstick, once again- as it was “impolite”, in the 1800’s. 

3. In 1910, English women went so far as to have their lips tatted.

4. In America, 1912, women Suffragettes successfully marched, wearing the scandalous red lip, as a rebellious statement to obtain the women’s right to vote.


5. Due to the popularity of silent films in the 1920’s, actresses like Clara Bow popularized the specific-shaped upper lip. Lipsticks were manufactured with a pointed tip to help create the desired (Clara) “Bow” lip. 

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 6. In the 1930’s lip liner and other accessories such as, lip stencils, were manufactured to help women achieve the perfect lip shape.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.50.48 AM.png7. During WWII,  despite limited supplies, women were encouraged to wear red lipstick, to help the morale of GI’s. 

8. Marylin Monroe wore a trademark red lip; her go-to color was “Diabolique” by Guerlain


9. In the 1960’s, for the first time in history cosmetic manufacturers targeted the teen market; the red lip was replaced by the nude or “shrimp” lip, named after the beautiful model, Jean Shrimpton.

 10. In the 1980’s, First Lady Nancy Reagan was never seen without her trademark red lips, together with her wardrobe. On the other hand, the androgynous 80’s years the theatrical red lip appeared, e.g., David Bowie.

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11. There are 7 billion (and counting) lipsticks in the world, just ask Siri!

Now, ANYTHING goes! Lip color is now available and worn in every color, and in any texture. In 2015, the super-matte texture ruled the runways and prompted the creation of the matte, “liquid lip”.

landscape-1452696897-kylie-lip-kit ModelRock Sold at Make Up First ®

Thanks to social media, lips are bigger than ever, literally! (notice the large font??)

At Make Up First ® Pro Shop we have selected our favorites! ( “First” by Make Up First Lip + Cheek PaletteAJ Crimson, Kevyn Aucoin – Matte Lip Color, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and  MODELROCK)

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