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With the rising costs of college, coupled with the uncertainty of employment, many high school graduates are rejecting college, together with its associated student loan debt.   Instead, many high school graduates are opting to attend short-term vocational programs, enabling them to bypass debt and immediately enter the workforce in the career of their choice. Where once the “American Dream” ultimately included ownership of a house,  renting  is now viewed as a practical economic alternative.  Similarly, choosing to attend a vocational school as opposed to a college is now also view as a viable option.

Ball State University recently published, “Working Right After High School”. The article highlights the paths of certain, representative high school graduates who chose to by -pass college, and instead immediately jump-start their career by attending a vocational school, specific to their passion.

“Although graduation rates have fluctuated with each passing academic year, enrollment rates are diminishing. College enrollment in the U.S. has been declining about 1.5 percent each year, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.” [1]

Vocational schools, such as  Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry are becoming a popular alternative for high school graduates ready to start working in the creative field.

Former Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry graduate, Ashley Trondson, was quoted extensively in the Ball State University article:

When she was in middle school, Ashley Trondson, now 18, spent her free time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. She stumbled upon them accidentally, but she was immediately in awe of the talent and skill required to change somebody’s appearance. This was the birth of her dream to become a makeup artist. [1]


The makeup industry is multi faceted with endless creative and business possibilities. Makeup artists are fortunate; they can perform their art form as well as create a lucrative freelancer. The cosmetic industry alone is worth a reported  62 billion. [2] Although this is an exceptional case,  celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, one of Kim Kardashian’s makeup artists, is reported to be on annual retainer of 750k. [3]

Make Up First’s Certification Program offers students courses including Basic Makeup, Media Makeup, Event Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Clinical Makeup, and Careers in Makeup Artistry.

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At Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry, students learn not only the technical aspects of the industry, but also are trained in business etiquette, with professional advice steering the graduates toward a successful career.

Following the Certification Program, Advanced Courses and Workshops are offered each month to help enhance the artists’ education. In addition, the School is instrumental in helping place the graduates in several positions.

Graduates from Make Up First®, School of Makeup Artistry have found themselves in all aspects of the industry. Out of a recent informal poll of 439 Illinois-state approved students of Make Up First ® School,  more than 50% of graduated students are currently already actively working in the makeup industry.

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For more information regarding classes at Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry  contact or call  312-621-0801

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