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Makeup for Teens



Wearing makeup is a right of passage; experimenting and playing with different makeup looks is part of that journey of self-discovery. In front of their mirrors, teens can create a wild, avant-garde look; a sweet, soft and innocent look; a glamorous look, maybe even all on the same day!  Searching to find themselves, teens that are playing with different makeup and fashion styles, are expressing themselves. In the privacy of the home, they should have fun, take their time; and experiment; the more they experiment, the better they will become with makeup applications that are age-appropriate.


SO- when the teen leaves the house the experimental makeup applications will probably not be age- appropriate!  What to do??



Be sure to gently cleanse the face with a gentle product such as Neutrogena, Olay or Cetaphil. The goal is to enhance the young girl’s fresh and radiant face and features. 


  Many drugstore-cleansing products contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which are anti- bacterial; both will dry the skin to help prevent or even clear up acne. (benzoyl peroxide may be more irritating) If your teen’s skin needs more attention, see a dermatologist.  


  • Avoid heavy foundation Use a water-based, tinted moisturizer that includes SPF of at least 15 or a BB cream. Skin needs to breath, especially if breakouts occur.  Heavy foundations can make this problem worse 
  • -After applying the tinted moisturizer with SPF,  spot conceal using a brush, not the fingers.
  • Look for a concealer that contains silicone, which will not cause further breakouts and will provide longer wear than a creamy or wax – based concealer
  • Opt for a sheer, wash of color, using a creamy sheer blush instead of a powder.   In fact, try to use a silicone-based color, such as FACE atelier.


  • Consider using clear mascara instead of black or brown.  Clear mascara will still give some definition and separation without the risk of having raccoon eyes or just too much drama. 
  • Use a light and natural eye shadow for day; you can add a shimmery eye shadows for evening events, as long as they are neutral (close to skin tone)
  • Use a sheer lip gloss; avoid heavily pigmented lipsticks and liners.  You can still play with color this way but it will still look light and fresh 

Don’t forget: The goal is to enhance the young girl’s fresh, radiant face and features-not go over-the-top.



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