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Did you ever wonder…why didn’t I think of that?  Beauty Blender did it again, creating the liner.designer! Now you can create the perfect cat eye or graphic liner trending today. This tool is soft enough to use directly on the face, yet strong enough to use with liquid, pencil, and gel liners.

Trade Trick : Place the liner.designer between your fingers or palm, for 10 seconds, to warm it up. This will make it stay put while you draw the perfect line! The liner.designer, has 3 sides for versatility, can be used for straight and angled lines.

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Available at our Pro Store or  on our website

Since 2007, shortly after the introduction of the Beauty Blender Original, Make Up First ® School of Makeup Artistry has been a proud seller of Beauty Blender’s products.

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Products listed left to right, BodyBlender by Beauty Blender, MicroMini Beauty Blender, Original Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender Pure White, Pretty Posse by Beauty Blender, and Beauty Blender Air.Port Pro.

For more information about products email or call 312-621-0801.


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