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Spring Cleaning – Your Makeup Kit!

Your makeup kit is as important as your makeup artistry skills . Artists must maintain their  makeup kits in a neat and sanitary fashion—not only to create an important first impression with the client, but also to prevent any potential for cross contamination and unwanted bacterial growth.

STEP ONE:  The Makeup Set Bag and Case

Typically, makeup artists use a rolling case as well as a set bag— at the Pro Shop at Make Up First ® School,  we recommend both the Stilazzi set bags, as well as the Stilazzi “Gone Topless” rolling soft-case, complete with plastic drawers and inserts.  Both  are great for storing and organizing your products; the clear plastic material also helps to make sure everything is visible and CLEAN!lg_set_bag

Whether your kit is in a plastic set bag or rolling bag, or both, you should start by taking everything out. Once your kit is empty, you can use sanitizing wipes, or dish soap with water, and a towel to wipe down both the inside of the shell, as well as the inside of all the compartments.

STEP TWO:  Cleaning the Products

Using either alcohol or other sanitizing wipes or spray, wipe/spray and disinfect each individual product.   Beauty So Clean wipes are great for disinfecting your makeup tools and cases, alike!


Beauty So Clean also makes a Cosmetic Sanitizing Spray that is a makeup artist must-have!  Use it to sanitize creams as well as powders. In addition, the Beauty So Clean products are great for disinfecting  palette, palette knife, and other kit tools. 

*Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer is not for your brushes. For a quick-dry brush cleaner try Cinema Secrets or Beauty So Clean Brush Cleaner or Parian Spirits.

STEP THREE: Cleaning your Brushes

Makeup brushes should always be maintained and sanitized.  We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t include the sanitary cleansing of brushes and sponges.

For a conditioning deep-clean of brushes and sponges,  use Japonesque Solid Brush Cleaner with a Sigma Spa Mat for a conditioning deep clean.

japonesquesolidbrushcleanser screen_shot_2016-02-18_at_11.49.28_am

After you have deep cleaned your brushes using brush cleaner or soap and water, dry your brushes using Sigma’s new Dry Tower available here.


STEP FOUR: Determine Shelf Life and Replace Accordingly

All products have a “shelf life”; check your creams and liquids, as well as mascaras, lip products, pencils and gels to see if they are still safe for use.  Some foundations/creams, actually have the date of either manufacture or a “Period After Opening” (PAO) symbol that corresponds with a number and month. For example, the PAO symbol below has a shelf life of 24 Months after the product has been opened.

24 M

With other products, determine the time period in which you have owned the product.  Of course, any product that has developed an odor, or is separating, should be tossed.

Below is our recommendation of each product type and when it should be replaced.

Makeup Expiration
Mascara, liquid, pencil or gel eyeliners 4-6 Months
Cream, Liquid or Stick Foundations or Concealers 6-12 Months
Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, & Lip Pencils 12-18 Months
Powder-based products 2-3 years
Skin Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliants 6-12 Months
Facial Moisturizers and Serums 6-12 Months


STEP FIVE:  Where to Best Clean Your Kit

Thorough cleaning will require a great deal of space and a clean, wipeable surface.  Makeup artists are welcome to schedule a time to reserve space in our newly renovated and expanded studio, where you can use our counters to deep clean.


STEP SIX:  Replenish Pro Products

The Pro Shop at Make Up First® School,  located in downtown Chicago (100 N. LaSalle Suite 1010), carries virtually everything from  Beauty So Clean, disposables, to Roshar + Modelrock Lashes!


The products featured below are recommended for keeping your products clean and organized, thereby creating full use of the product’s shelf life.


Stilazzi Actor Bag


Stilazzi Set Bag 111

For more information regarding products listed above or booking a studio space contact us at or call us directly at 312-621-0801.



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